About Us

Telepoint USA, LLC is a leading edge medical services technology focused on providing telemedicine, in PPE products, and various POCT Testing kits. Our team is dedicated to developing and implementing a quality framework for POCT and telemedicine in the African and other developing nations. Our business values revolve around serving communities and patients with a commitment to quality service, privacy, and reliability to increase the confidence in using virtual clinical examinations and POCT for faster diagnostics results. We collaborate with doctors from local hospitals to consult patients through a video-based communication system and our team of professional nurses and care staff will perform the necessary tests and update the stats of the patients in a secure data system

Larry Witherspoon

For more than 25 years, Larry Witherspoon has paved the way for the innovative convergence of “Old Tech” and “New Tech“. Larry is passionate about combining Internet, wireless Communication, Digitan Media, Mobile Platforms, and Radio & TV streaming with social media. Larry Witherspoon is the founder of Connect To Your City, LLC (CTYC), a Phoenix, Arizona based company focused on providing broadcasting digital media platforms for the traditional broadcaster seeking to amplify their audience and develop distribution channels for local podcasters. CTYC is the largest African-owned OTT multi-channel operator in the world and is positioned to influence millions of users, viewers, listeners, and consumers around the world.

Innovation and Transformation

Reach out to us.

Innovation and Transformation

Reach out to us.

Our Partners

Construction Partner – Green Planet Homes

Green Planet Homes, LLC is a Arizona based green technology innovations company founded in 2017 by technologist and entrepreneur Larry Witherspoon.

Set Top Box for Telemedicine, (IoMT), and Distance Learning.