Our Business

Green Planet Homes, LLC is a Arizona based green technology innovations company founded in 2017 by technologist and entrepreneur Larry Witherspoon. The company is focused on developing leading edge solutions to infuse the United States market with competitive – green products and green jobs. This company is well on its way to becoming a world class, green product supplier, manufacturing and global distribution channel. Green Planet Homes first area of focus is specifically affordable housing. In this regard, it is our Company’s specific goal is to provide durable, long lasting, cost effective, and highly energy efficient Smart “green‟ low-income homes. The first market areas we have identified to provide these new green homes is developing nations including but not limited to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

NO WOOD is used and the product is 60% cheaper than traditional stick build structures and time build is reduced to weeks not months

Our Niche

Our proprietary approach to constructing panelized wall and roof building systems, under strict factory conditions, leads to a unique level of quality in the overall product. All components are engineered using State Of The Art Computer Aided Design, (CAD) technology.

This capability enables our manufacturing production team to customize both floor plans and elevations with the added power of translating the clients’ visions into reality. We strive to be the most effective vertically integrated, instant communication manufacturing
organization in the world. Our superior level of quality, coupled with high energy saving components results in significant energy savings and flexibility of design using environmentally friendly materials.

The fact that the world’s tree/wood supply is being exhausted desperately calls out for the need and use of alternative home building technologies. This overall building approach will set a new standard of affordable excellence and efficiency in the ‘green’ home building industry…one that does not exist today.